Aravindan Udayasekaran (Android Ninja)
Built the mGaadi customer app and its umpteen iterations across 3 major product release cycles. Fast-cranked numerous field enrollment Android app workflows. Now authoring the Cartr Employee App, Cartr Fleet Supervisor App and whatever crazy ideas we throw at him. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Part-time omnivore or part-time vegetarian is the great puzzle we are trying to solve.

Ashutosh Gupta (Product Quality and Ruby Ninja)
Ensures that the rest of us are not sloppy in our race to publish apps to Play Stores and App Stores. Also authors Ruby APIs. The quietest guy in the office who insists he’s living The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Then one day he consumed half a bottle of fine red fine and we learnt the truth.

Bhargavi Nallani (Accountant Ninja)
Considering her functional responsibilities, we are very grateful for her attention to detail. She doubles up as office manager and offers a whole array of smiles. Be afraid of that very wide smile – you are definitely in trouble!

Karthik MR (iOS and Windows Phone Ninja)
We searched high and low, far and wide for that mythical iOS developer. And finally gave up. Then one day he found us on Angel List. People who think iPhone developers are arrogant and holier-than-thou have obviously not met Karthik. Quietly productive with a keen design sense and oh (did we mention) he’s also our Windows Phone developer?

Kiran Raj (Principal Engineer & Chief Ninja)
Full stack coding genius with an abiding partiality towards concurrent programming and scalable cloud services. Architected mGaadi technology stack and led full stack team of mGaadi engineers. Previously made key contributions to Adobe Flashlite and built reliable platforms at Flipkart. Blindfold chess player. Keen practitioner of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophy.

Nagabhushan G (Operations Ninja)
Led the field operations team at mGaadi that enrolled over 10,000 drivers within 11 months. A natural flair for languages, a keen observer of men, strikes a rapport with drivers with ease. He’s probably the only person we know with zero vices (and by that we mean “not even caffeine”).

Natasha Welcome (Ninja Ninja)
All other Ninjas are metaphorical only. This one is the real deal ninja. We’ve lost track of the different responsibilities we’ve assigned to her. From manning our phone lines (first role) to building the customer service organization to training/auditing the agents to managing the operations of ten prefixed stands. The last role warrants elaboration – a high-touch job that involved building relationships with traffic police inspectors across the city, hiring, training, and (often times) manning the stands when agents didn’t show up. However, we are most proud that she quit smoking a few months ago and is now seen running up and down the staircase multiple times daily. And she’s loving it.

Prabhakar Kolli (Head, Operations)
Led the customer service and field operations teams at mGaadi with responsibility for driver enrollments, call center operations, prefixed auto stands, and Bangalore Traffic Police relationships. Previously led customer service teams at HSBC and Maiyas and special projects in the North East. Diehard fan of Apple products. Loves the open road and his SUV.

Ravi Raj (Frontend Ninja)
He breathes dashboards and consoles into our lives and the lives of our corporate and fleet partners. In his next life, he’ll surely be a UX designer. He loves coding in JavaScript and Angular.js though he’s been persuaded to Ruby as well. He can be found monopolizing the bean bags in the most ‘ergonomic’ positions. He’s worn many hats in the company. His most laudatory sales role was to demo mGaadi product flows to group after group of auto drivers who would keep trooping into our office.  He also developed the first version of the mGaadi Windows Phone app.

Solomon Prakash (Founder)
Serial social entrepreneur since 1989. Founded Maya (Non-profit working with Children and Youth). Founded Maya Organic and Labournet (for profit social enterprises). Founded Prajayatna (School reforms in 4 states in India). Ashoka Fellow (2006). Country Head for Ashoka India (2010-2012). Gourmet cook. Raconteur.

Sridhara GN (Android Ninja)
Taking ownership of the mGaadi Driver App also meant taking ownership of the auto drivers’ relationship. Unlike the ‘commuter’ users, driver app users can land up in the office anytime but he always handled them with aplomb. He’s now the developer for the Cartr Driver App, the key difference is that he *goes* to meet his users instead of the other way round. His oddity is that he goes silent after inebriation though some colleagues insist it’s just the “calm before the storm”.

Srisha Haridas (Cloud Ninja)
He joined as intern #1 and ended up staying for 8 months. After some agonizing, he joined Tata Motors (Pune) but soon realized that we were more fun and returned. From coding key features of the Android Driver app to Ruby APIs to Scala services, he’s been a phenomenally fast learner. We think his passion for Carnatic music and years of quizzing accomplishments play a part in his ability to solve abstruse problems.

Vishy Kuruganti (Co-founder)
Technologist since 1990.  Senior leadership stints at Navteq, Yahoo, and Adobe. Co-founded, a video social learning startup. Founded, a blog on Indian social enterprises and social entrepreneurship. Barefoot ultra runner. Minimalist.