How many drivers in mGaadi network?

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Every friend, investor, acquaintance (and the odd commuter too) wants to know the answer.

The commuter wants to know because she is wondering when she’ll start mGaadi rides from ALL parts of Bangalore. For the investor it’s the answer to “are these guys getting traction?”
For us at mGaadi, it’s both these answers so we look at this number daily.

Every few months, we’d update the FAQ page but that’s what some plain speaking friends would call “retarded”.

We have a better way now. When the splash screen in the Android app loads, we make an API call and (voila) the latest and greatest number is displayed. As of Feb 8, this number was 924.

Will you see this functionality on

Not anytime soon. We want you guys to download the Android app (and Windows Phone/iOS apps soon as well)… (evil laughter ensues)

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