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There are four ways you can book an mGaadi auto rickshaw in Bangalore.

All mGaadi drivers go on meter. The meter fare (plus a Rs. 10 pickup fee) is directly payable to the driver. Night rates (1.5 times regular meter) will apply between 10pm and 5am.

Q: Will the auto driver go on meter? Are there any charges?

A: All mGaadi drivers go on meter – this is at the heart of the mGaadi philosophy and value proposition. The meter fare (plus a Rs. 10 pickup fee) is directly payable to the driver. Relevant blog posts:

Q: How many auto rickshaws are currently part of the mGaadi network in Bangalore?

A: We have more than 12,000 auto drivers in our network. On Valentines’ Day (Feb 14), we had crossed 1000 drivers (read our post path to 1000). For a real-time driver count, you can fire up the mGaadi Android, iOS or Windows Phone apps (more details here).

Q: If I made a booking, what are the odds that an auto rickshaw will actually be assigned for my trip?

A: The short answer is that it depends on your pickup location, dropoff location and the time-of-day. The longer answer is that there are five broad factors influencing trip fulfillment:

  • Population density/sparsity in your pickup location
  • Whether your pickup location falls within a cartelized (aka “red zone”) – current red zones include Whitefield, Mahadevapura, ITPL, Marathahalli, Kagadaspura, CV Raman Nagar, Hennur.
  • Whether your dropoff location is a “dead zone” (i.e. driver unlikely to get his next commuter)
  • Trip distance less than 4 km.
  • Time of day (e.g. late nights or early mornings are harder trips to fulfill currently)

For more details, do checkout this blog post: factors affecting trip fulfillments.

Q: Is there any minimum distance condition for finding an auto on mGaadi ?

A: The minimum trip distance for which we used to accept bookings was 4 km. We have recently made changes to our trip fulfillment workflows such that we try to fulfill all trips, even the short trips that are less than 4km.

Q: Are the mGaadi drivers employed or contracted by India Drivers Network?

A: The auto drivers in the mGaadi network are neither employed nor contracted by us. We are a hailing service (a transparent marketplace if you may) — matching the nearest driver who agrees to your destination on meter plus the Rs. 10 pickup fee.

Q: Why did we start India Drivers Network and mGaadi? What are our motivations?

A: Over 95% of India’s workforce (which includes approximately 30 million commercial drivers) is unorganized. Research has demonstrated that financial and health decision “defaults” and income determinism are significant inflection points in raising the standard of living of this demographic. We are passionate about mGaadi’s potential as a market-based solution that will delight commuters and generate incremental income (and social security cover) for drivers. Some might call this an inclusive solution. We prefer to call it a fair solution. The rest of the answer continues here – a different kind of Indian city.