Hello Bengaluru!

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Like all self-respecting social enterprises, we’ve been in stealth-mode for the past several months. It’s finally time for us to begin talking about what we plan to do.

Why now?

Because we see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. We’re likely to start testing in weeks and a “closed beta” within two months.

But pray what exactly?

Yes – coming to that.

Daily commute made easy for everyone.

What a concept, eh?

The first three words don’t warrant any discussion but you are probably wondering about everyone.

If you are taking an auto rickshaw or a shared taxi to your office, you are included.  If you are a taxi or auto rickshaw driver, you are included. If you have a chauffeur who drives you to work, you (and your chauffeur) are sorta included. If you are the air that Bengaluru citizens breathe on their daily commute, you are definitely included. If you take the bus or Namma Metro, you are not included (at least not just yet).

Err.. what about easy?

Yeah. Right. Easy. That merits a whole separate post because we need to talk about pain.

For now I’ve said what I wanted to say. In this (our first) blog post.

Hello Bengaluru! Tomorrow is another day. And there will be another post.


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