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As most of know by now, the key mGaadi value proposition is auto drivers who go ON METER and arrive at your pickup location instead of you needing to go searching. Over 4,300 auto drivers are part of the mGaadi network and, while their home locations are spread all across Bangalore, majority of their orbits are in South Bangalore.

Against this backdrop, it should not surprise anyone that pickup and dropoff locations play a dominant role in answering the question “If customer X made a request, will she actually get an mGaadi auto?” But there are nuances and other factors at play so I thought it’ll be useful to elaborate.

#1 Population Density/Sparsity

The density and availability of drivers is lower in outlying or sparsely populated neighbourhoods (e.g. Konanakunte, Kanakapura Road, Yelahanka New Town) so we usually fail to fulfill customer requests from these areas. You can call these our red zones.

#2 Cartelized Areas

Areas like Whitefield, Marathahalli, Kagdaspura, and CV Raman Nagar are cartelized and majority of auto drivers in these areas DO NO’T go on meter. In fact, Whitefield and Marathahalli can be more accurately termed as “heavily cartelized”.  Customers from these areas are a LOT more eager to start using  mGaadi and we are unable to satisfy demand because the number of meter-going drivers in these areas is still limited. We used to classify these areas as red zones but they are threatening to go double red — when assigned drivers “flake out” at the last minute, it’s very hard to find replacement drivers.

#3 Dead Zones

“Dead zones” are dropoff locations where auto drivers are not likely to get their next customers without driving 2-4km of “dead miles” (to reach the nearest commuting hub). Some of the Bangalore dead zone areas for mGaadi drivers are Hennur Rd, Electronic City, Kundanahalli Gate, Challagatta, Kanakapura Rd, and Gubballla Gate. Dead zones are sometimes associated with certain times of day. For example, auto drivers don’t like to go to Basavanagudi/NR Colony after 10am (largely residential areas means the office going crowd has already left).

#4 Time of Day

Since there are fewer drivers who work late night and early morning, it’s harder to fulfill these trips, especially when a driver changes his mind at the last minute.



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  • J.N.Agarwal says:

    I am surprised at honesty of mgaadi at which they
    frankly & honestly shared the facts. I am not a Bangaluruien but I wish to live in a city of mgaadi.
    I know it will be one of the most difficult challenge but most rewarding too…. when you will come to Delhi. No I am not a Delhiwala either.

  • Srinivas says:

    You folks have truly made Life much better for all the stakeholders, with your social enterprise.
    I am truly delighted at the following:
    – Inadvertently I have waved an Auto and asked for “how much would it cost” from Devasandra to MSR Hospital on New BEL Road a distance of 1.2 KM?
    – I am overwhelmed with the honest, sincere response from the driver Mr.Bhaskar to say that he is from MGaadi and politely flagged the Meter and invited warmly us into the Auto and insisted being paid only according to the Meter( which is about Rs.25)
    Wish such phenomenal professionalism is demonstrated across the walks of life…Kudos to you folks for having to have such wonderful people and trying to imbibe the essence of service quality, consumer orientation and above all basic tenets of ethics in every day ….Wonderful
    Chat Conversation End

  • Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Is there no hope for whitefield?

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