About mGaadi

mGaadi is a commuting service from India Drivers Network. With mGaadi, we intend to dramatically improve the quality of auto rickshaw commuting and significantly improve the livelihoods of auto drivers, starting with Bangalore. Our vision for a better Indian city is expressed in this blog post – a different kind of Indian city.

We believe that 5-star auto drivers are not akin to unicorn sightings. We used to think that 33-50% of Bangalore’s 160,000 strong auto rickshaw drivers was the total addressable market. As the real story on #TheAutoRaid unfolded, that number might be as high as 60%. Six months after we launched our service, the mGaadi network boasts over 7,800 auto drivers and we are racing towards 25,000 within a year. More and more Bangalore commuters and drivers are hearing about, trying out, getting delighted and referring their friends to mGaadi.

Open Positions 

We are actively looking to hire talented people in the following functional areas:

  • Engineering (several roles)
  • Customer Service (several roles)
  • Field Operations (several roles)

Engineering Careers 

Does our vision excite you? Are you a mission-driven engineer with an insatiable appetite to work on complex engineering problems? Would you like your code to impact millions of commuters and drivers in Indian cities? If you answered yes to all three questions, do peruse the open positions and contact us if there’s a match.

Technology Tag Cloud

Android, Ruby, mySQL, Linux, Asterisk, Adhearsion, Amazon AWS/EC2, Scala, Rabbitmq, pattern recognition, Padrino, Sinatra, Ajax, Windows Phone, iOS, GPS, location based services, scaling, IVR, data mining, machine learning.


  • Ruby developers
  • Android virtuoso
  • iOS developer

Contacting Us

If you would like to explore opportunities in any of the above mentioned areas, please email your resume to