BRING IT ON, Bangalore!

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Dear mGaadi commuter,

On Oct 1 ’13, when we beta launched our call auto service, we had 300 auto rickshaw drivers. On Dec 12, when we released our Android app, the number had jumped to 500. Two months later (Valentine’s Day to be precise) that number doubled. We are now at 1070. Yes – that is 1,070 auto rickshaw drivers in the mGaadi Bangalore network.

Between Dec and Jan, we kept a low profile on the customer outreach front, largely to manage the trip fulfillment rate. We are now comfortable with the pace of driver enrollments and fulfillment rate is holding at a healthy level.

Has it been a perfect journey so far? Heck no! We’ve had our share of drivers-not-showing-up, customers-cancelling-last-minute, and some rare standoffs too. But the emerging patterns along with the large number of driver ratings are showing us the way forward. 1,070 drivers and thousands of mGaadi trips later, we are now saying to Bangalore auto rickshaw commuters – BRING IT ON!

Bring it on? Yeah – book an mGaadi auto. From ANYWHERE in Bangalore. No second guessing on where the mGaadi autos might be. Just book away. We’ll try our darndest to fulfill your booking. If we are unable to come through, we’ll try even harder to fulfill your next trip.

How to book an mGaadi auto?

  1. mGaadi Android app (Download here)
  2. mGaadi Windows Phone app (send a request for beta access to
  3. From your mobile (or desktop) browser, access
  4. Call (080) 6768 4983

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