Auto puja at the Ganesh temple

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Brand new auto getting divine blessings

Brand new auto getting divine blessings


We frequent the Ganesh temple in Koramangala every once in a while. The ambience is serene, the outside area is spacious, and peaceful vibes all around.

The temple is a favourite venue for car pujas — from the high and mighty with their BMW’s and Lamborghinis (I kid you not!) to regular Joes wheeling in their Honda Activas.

During our last visit, we saw a brand new auto rickshaw at the designated puja place. I whipped out my camera and after getting an indulgent nod from the driver (man in checked shirt), clicked this picture.

I resisted the urge to hand the man an mGaadi flyer. There’ll be time enough for that.

The difference between a car puja and an auto puja? I don’t claim to know the mantras uttered by the priest but I reckon that invoking the divine for safe transportation is common to both. In the latter, the priest must also be invoking Goddess Lakshmi to bless the driver with many years of prosperity behind the wheel of his┬álivelihood vehicle. Amen.

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