Auto Driver Zamir, may your tribe increase!

[Editor’s Note: This Facebook post making the rounds today. It included an exhortation to share and certainly relevant to what we are doing. Read on.]

Pic courtesy Facebook

Pic courtesy Facebook

I was for sure lucky today.. 🙂
Took an auto from koramangala to yemlur(my house), in between it started raining heavy. somehow i reached home safely and the driver u see in photo dropped me till the door step so that i don’t get drenched. I was so excited to see baby that i made the payment and left my iPhone 4 (Gifted by my hubby on my birthday) in the auto..
After almost 35 mins I thought of making a call to my parents and here i don’t find my phone. My hubby called from his cell to trace the phone n luckily the auto driver had kept the phone safe with him which he received.. He was dropping someone to whitefield but he promised that he will return the phone after the drop.. Imagine heavy rain and the driver was so kind and honest that he didnt think of his comfort.. he was not carrying any phone of his own. It took almost 1 hr for him to come back. We generally dont trust auto drivers as they keep asking extra money, late night work and what not.. so with that mentality we used find friend and find my iPhone apps to trace the phone and the route of my iphone was sure to my house. In that heavy rain he did come home and returned my phone..
We should seriously appreciate such people on earth.. and we do.. this auto driver’s name is Zamir auto number KA 03 9847. Thanks Zamir for being so honest and trustworthy.. and also to be a reason for making my day lucky.. 🙂

Friends please feel free to share my experience..


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