An ethereal commuting experience

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A few years ago S needed to take an early morning flight. Normally he would book a Meru cab but this time his friend persuaded him to try the local independent cabbie (Ramesh).

The evening before his trip to the airport, he received a call from Ramesh.

“Hello sir, this is Ramesh. You had booked a taxi for tomorrow morning at 5am, to go to the airport, no?”


“Could you confirm your apartment details, sir?”

“It is <So and so Apts> on <Such and such Road>. Do you know this area?”

“Yes sir. I do. It is right opposite <Such and such Landmark>, right?”


“I will be ready outside your apartment complex by 4:45 am, sir.”

“Very good. Thanks.”


Next morning, S gets an SMS from Ramesh at 4:50am. “Reached your apartment. Waiting outside.”

Five minutes later, another SMS – “Waiting outside the elevator, sir.” As S stepped out of the elevator, he was politely greeted by a smartly dressed Ramesh.¬†With a shimmering presence reminiscent¬†of a Jeeves, the smiling Ramesh spoke “I thought you might need help with your luggage, sir.”


As S settled down in the back seat, he noticed that the interiors were strikingly clean. The shimmering presence spoke again, “Here are today’s newspapers, sir.”

S began to wonder if he was dreaming.

“Bottled water is also there, sir. On the left side, if you need it.”

S had started to pinch himself by now.

“Should I put on some music, sir? Or would you like to rest?”

S was wide awake now. He was still in the same cab. Ramesh was looking at S through the rear-view mirror.. politely awaiting his response.

S spoke up for the first time that morning.

“Are you for REAL?”


This story continues in Part 2.


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