A tale of three cities

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Pic courtesy redroom.com

Pic courtesy redroom.com

On a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being excellent and 1 being terrible), how ‘good’ are your city’s auto drivers?

Okay. This is no exercise in morality. Replace the word good with likelihood to go on meter.

Commuters in Mumbai are likely to rate 9 or 10 for their city’s drivers. Their counterparts in Chennai might rate a 1 or 2. Maybe.. just maybe the Chennai rating might have improved recently after the Tamil Nadu government brought back the meter (after an extended hiatus of 15+ years). This is thanks (at least to some extent) to the efforts of Times of India’s Missing Meter campaign.

What does the rating look for Bangalore?

Depending on who you talk to, where and when they commute regularly, the rating might vary widely, say between 3 and 8. We reckon that Bangalore’s blended rating might be 5 (or 6). In short, Bangalore is bang in the middle of the two extremes (Chennai and Mumbai).

This poll we started on our website suggests that over 30% of Bangalore’s auto rickshaw drivers go on meter. Considering only 21 have voted so far, this is far from conclusive. Whatever the final ‘consensus’ number turns out to be, our experience is that finding and enrolling such auto drivers into our network is not an easy task.

Is it needle-in-a-haystack difficult?


But it does require a multi-pronged approach.

Our operations team is working on a few prongs but there’s at least one prong that involves you. Yes, you – the Bangalore auto rickshaw commuter.

Our next post in this series will will get into the mechanics of how the Bangalore auto rickshaw commuter can play a crucial role in locating auto drivers who go on meter.




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