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By June 24, 2014 Autos One Comment

Every once in a while, a customer gets blown away by mGaadi. Varun Shenoy left the following testimonial on our Facebook page at 4:45am yesterday.

MGaadi helped me get an auto for a 3:00am pickup! At first I was skeptical if they’d accept a booking for pickup at such unearthly time. And if they did accept, would the auto show up. But the booking went through and I got a call from a representative in 5 mins who assured me she’d try her best to get an auto. Within another 10 mins, I got an SMS with the driver and vehicle details! Next I got a call from the driver himself who said he was glad to help me out. This kind of humane-ness from auto drivers is unknown of to most of us. The driver showed up at my home well ahead of time at 2:45am. He explained how MGaadi works and how it has helped him increase his daily income. At the end of the trip, he didn’t haggle over the price. Just the 1.5 times the fare on the meter(night charges) and Rs 10/- for the pickup charge. I assured him I’d give a good review for the excellent service and here I am. Thanks and all the best MGaadi ! I’m sure you know what a great job you guys are doing.

Thank you Driver Kanthraj! And thanks Varun for sharing your heartfelt experience.


One Comment

  • Nideesh Kalathil says:

    Last Saturday (28/6/14) – I had booked an auto from Hebbal to Majestic railway station. Booking got confirmed and i got the driver details on the previous day itself. I spoke to the Driver and got the reply that He will be at the entrance at 4:30 as my train was at 5:30.

    On Saturday earlymorning around 4:25, I called the driver and there was no response. I kept on calling the driver but there was no response. It was already 5:00 and i felt for a minute that we should’nt have kept our TRUST on this new service. Hardly I could reach majestic before 5:30 and then collect my ticket and board the Train. All my hopes trashed. But then when we were coming out of the apartment, I tried the driver mobile again. As i was walking past a auto parked near by my apartment, I heard a ring. Then i disconnected the call and tried again. The ring also disconnected and started ringing again. I went near the auto and saw the auto wala sleeping inside the Auto. I asked his name and he confirmed that he only spoke to me yesterday night. I really appreciate His commitment as he came down to the pickup point the very previous night. I would like to advice the person to be bit more cautious as he could have kept an alarm at 4:00 to do the DUTY.

    He took us to the station and we reached the station ON TIME and boarded the train as planned. Thanks a lot for the wonderful Service. Many of my friends are really interested in the service. They will also be using your service.

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