1000 Drivers and other mGaadi Updates

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Screenshot_2014-02-15-21-59-44On Oct 1 2013, when we beta launched our call auto service, the mGaadi network had 300 auto rickshaw drivers. On Dec 12, when we released our Android app, the number jumped to 500. Two months and 3 days later (i.e. today), that number has doubled. Sometime this afternoon, we crossed the 4-figure mark and are now sitting at 1005. Yes – that is 1,005 auto rickshaw drivers in the mGaadi network.

In the recent past, we’ve been keeping a low profile on the customer outreach front, largely to manage the trip fulfillment rate (trips fulfilled/trip requests). With the driver enrollments and fulfillment rates at healthy levels, we’ll start a broader push towards new customer enrollments.

Many other exciting updates so please keep reading on.

Windows Phone app in beta testing

Do you have one of those slick Nokia Lumia smartphones? If you’d like to try the mGaadi app before our official release, just email us at mgaadi-beta@indiadrivers.net.

If you have some other smartphone, feel free to email us with model/OS details.

Android -> And then there were SIX

Screenshot_2014-02-15-22-26-29There used to be five ways in which you could select your dropoff and pickup locations. Now you can pan and zoom on a nifty Google Map to select your locations. The crosshairs viewfinder will remind you of your favorite   James Bond movie.

Android -> Share the Love

The oft-requested feature is finally here. If you are a regular user and want to  share the love, look for the Share App option in the context menu.


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